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John Brennan 
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I Face the Mountains

I face the mountains as I lift a branch to enter the garden of my home.  I enjoy my unruly garden, but it does not suffer when I’m gone. My sanctuary and refuge is an urban “quiet back.” I have generous office space in my home; room for guests; a phenomenal kitchen; gathering space for meals and heart circles; and comfortable private space for sleeping, relaxing, and exercising. Some of my beloveds live in my home city, and I visit others during my travels. I have wild bashes and unpredictable dinner parties at home and while traveling.
I face the mountains. My relationship with abundance motivates and humbles me toward living to my fullest. I am resourceful, truthful, giving, accountable, and gentle.  I use my integrity, flexibility and resourcefulness by coordinating, traveling and improvising so that the world will share in a feast surrounded with love and art uncovered on a journey. I have a broad, solid toolkit of skills and an extensive referral corral.  People seek my expertise, temperament, and unique skill set. I am in service to the queer community.
I am comfortable financially as a consultant, and I enjoy helping people know their hearts. My speaking and training changes the business world.  My non-fiction writing amuses, inspires, and informs.
I face the mountains finding balance between a big extroverted public life and a rich, manageable, introverted private life.  I respect and admire myself while continuing to grow and learn. Friends and family continue to know me as a loyal man who is trustworthy, intelligent, bold and sincere.
I face the mountains with gratitude as I practice self care at home and while traveling. I am integrated and peaceful in my thoughts, words and deeds.  I eat simple, whole foods, rarely alone. My physical health and well-being support my serenity and abundance. I participate in a large adventure every year, and more frequent smaller adventures, traveling to places new and familiar.
I face the mountains as I grow as a performer, challenging myself, teaching and learning through humor, and using my personal growth to add to all aspects of entertaining others.
I face the mountains in deeply committed love, romantic and playful partnership, and soulful sex, in community and with the same man.
I play in the mountains, curious and amused. I push my own boundaries in urban and wilderness adventures. I’m fit enough to begin a thru-hike at almost any time, and finish my last thru-hike in my 90s. My retirement includes time for service, travel, and interests, as well as the relationships in my life.  I live in health and vitality to at least 103, and come to the end of my life quickly, with joy and gratitude.